L2Giran - Interlude


L2Giran - Lineage 2 Interlude.


X3 - Experience (EXP)     X3 - Skill Points (SP)     X3 - Adena     X3- Drop Items

X3 - Quest Experience (EXP)     X3 - Quest Skill Points (SP)     X3 - Quest Adena    

X3 - Quest Items Drop     X3 - Spoil     X3 - Weight Limit     X3 - Extract Fish

Twitch On Line

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Raid Boss
Raid Boss Active as the original data, all the raid Boss and Grand Bosses have the original functions with their original rates as the manufacturer's version, the idea is th...
30 October, 2021
Crafter e loja off-line
crafter and shop off line The entire crafting system is totally original like the interlude version, nothing in the crafting service has been modified, offline crafting is inclu...
30 October, 2021

L2 Server Duration

calculating the days of server life....

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