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Remember that you can vote every 12 hours and you will get rewards for more items and experience. It is not necessary to donate in order to be equipped in the game or to be able to enjoy VIP status.

You just have to go to the link below and follow the steps:

If you want to donate you should know that the donation costs are exactly as shown in the following table.

Donation table

Giran Coin


1 1 Giran 1 Euro
2 5 Giran 5 Euro
3 12 Giran 10 Euro
4 24 Giran 20 Euro
5 38 Giran 30 Euro
6 56 Giran 40 Euro
7 64 Giran 50 Euro
7 76 Giran 60 Euro
8 90 Giran 70 Euro

If you want to redeem your L2 Giran Coin, you need to locate the NPCs found in almost all major cities called ( isjack, adira, aharona. These NPCs will be able to help you redeem your Giran Coin for your favorite items, just accessories. (they are not items that modify or increase the attack capacity of the character)

To learn more about what you can change, you can access:

NOTE: Paypal Compulsory
Note Terms

Payment note:

I am not purchasing any physical material with this payment and cannot request a refund in the future.


With this purchase I have no right to share or resell the items or coins purchased in the game.

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