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Do you want us to put your stream on the homepage?

If you are a Twitch streamer and you want your stream to appear on the home page of the site and as a vip streamer, just follow these steps:

Add the word "L2Giran" to the title of your stream and we can publish it automatically.

contact us requesting to be added, remember to provide the link to your channel

Join our discord and ask CM CUCU for the Twitch role so you can publish your channel when you are live.

You can add our logos or banners on your streaming channel check this out

LOGOS recommendation system:

We have a referral system where every player has a link to invite new players and earn rewards for it. If you invite your friends, they can enjoy a welcome package (and you will also get rewards).

The link is generated automatically when you log in your character at:

This system is intended for all players, whether they are streamers, or anyone who wants to invite a friend to play, use it on facebook pages, etc.

Referral system:

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