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Gold Trade
Glod Trade
The L2 Giran server puts at the service of the new characters, a Trade Services NPC that will help craft some materials derived from gold, this NPC is interested in helping you get gold so you can exchange for service and items.

To get the most gold that comes from event medals, you need to participate in the DM/CTF/TVT events that are available every day at many times, this way you will get the most medals.


with these medals you can select several options to get items or melt the others to make them gold bars, these bars will be more expensive but with greater benefits

all the items and bars that don't work for all L2 events Giran, and it is very important to know that each medal is worth more to have than to sell it, gold is scarce


you can melt all the medals, each bar asks for different items to be able to melt them, these items are accessible and relatively easy to get, but the benefits are better, it's really worth trying... you have to have fun in the events...


this event helps you to manage your own buffer through the scrolls and you can play longer without having to go to the city... thanks for playing with us....

thanks for playing with us....