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Vote Reward
Vote Reward

Vote Reward

VIP Benefits: Rates x1.5+

Remember that you can vote every 12 hours and you will get rewards for more items and experience. vote for any of the best in the links below and claim your reward (do not close the window):


After voting, mark ALT + B and you will see a clock directly in the community window, within the game this option will allow you how much time will be left of your vip system, remember you must activate them with the VIP STATUS item...


then you must press collect reward and wait a few seconds for the reward service to verify your vote and deliver the items to you. (items vip status will deliver 100%)


Exchange donation

You can access the user manual to exchange your donations for the most fun items in the game.

now vote for each one and claim your reward, you can only vote every 12 hours, remember that it is very important to vote to make your game more fun... now enjoy a fast and safe upload.

all voting servers have different items and rewards for them. Here's what items you can win:

Rewards Item:

X 1-3 Mana Potion (100% delivery)

X 1 VIP Experience 1.5 for 12 hours (100% delivery)

X 1 Giran Coin (delivery at 3%):

X 1-3 Quick Healing Potion (100% delivery)

X 2500-5000 Adena (100% delivery)

X 1-3 SOE Scroll of Scape (50% delivery)

X 1 AUTOLOOP for 12 hours (25% delivery)

Donate more info....
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